Strategic Partner:

Moroni Feed Company, headquartered in the community of Moroni, Utah, is a fully integrated turkey producing and processing cooperative. All of Utah’s five million commercially grown turkeys are raised by the 47 independent turkey producer-members of the co-op.

Incorporated in 1938, Moroni Feed Company has gross sales in excess of 125 million dollars. In addition to the independent growers and their employees, Moroni Feed has 550 employees, with an annual payroll of over 10 million dollars.

Full integration of the cooperative is reflected in Moroni Feed’s organizational structure:

  • Nutrimulch Division: This operation produces and sells over 45,000 yards per year of nutrient-rich soil conditioner made from recycled turkey litter.
  • Processing Division: The huge turkey processing plant in Moroni is a state-of-the-art facility processing millions of pounds of Norbest whole turkeys and other turkey products.
  • Further Processing Division: This plant, located in the community of Salina, Utah, produces Norbest cooked, smoked, and roasted products, including smoked turkeys, deli breasts, turkey ham, pastrami, and other lunchmeats.

Moroni Feed Co. is a member of the turkey marketing cooperative, which markets all of Moroni Feed’s turkeys and turkey products worldwide.